Blue Goldstone D20 Dice

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Blue Goldstone

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Blue Goldstone D20 Dice is a high quality die made from a Polyhedral (a combination of Polyhedra) design with a dice emblem on the top and a standard dice-style pips on the bottom.

With a rich blue deep metallic sheen and an incredibly natural look, this stone will be the envy of any gamer. These dice are perfect for playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons or for adding a unique touch to any board game. Each set includes a DND dice, a D6, a D8, a D10, a D12, a D20, a D30 and a D100.


YLELY is a leading manufacturer in GEM processing and exporting with over 12 years experience. We offer one-stop service for customizing Blue Goldstone D20 Dice and other gemstone products for your needs, they can be customized singularly or mixed. Whether you are a wholesaler, retailer, or local business, please let us know your ideas and requirements (image, size, your favorite gemstone types ), then we will do our best to meet them. We could also provide a variety of export shipping options to help you save cost.

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Since these stones or crystals are natural items, please allow for some variation between each item. These stones will be very similar, but not identical, and each is unique.

Natural gemstone products may have slight imperfections, which are not quality issues and will not affect the use.