The Basic Introduction Of Gemstones

There is a wide range of gemstone types for you to choose from. These gemstones will serve your needs in different ways, with each one representing a different energy or vibration, so it is important to understand the different types that are available. This blog is full of tips on the basic introduction of gemstones and how to choose and apply gemstone to your everyday life.

What are gemstones?

Identity & Usage

Gemstones are natural stones which made of rocks and minerals that are cut, polished, and treated to give them a beautiful and valuable appearance. They are most often used as facial & body massagers or crafts and ornamentations, such as gua sha tools, gemstone carvings, crystal power, etc., also, there is a featured product of gaming dice which mainly for relaxation and gaming.

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What are the types of gemstones

Gemstones are classed as natural stones that have a unique color, shape, and brilliance. Gemstones have been admired for their beauty and often have been used as symbols of love, luck, and protection.

There are many gemstone types that are available to you, and they are categorized in a variety of ways. Generally, gemstones are divided into four categories: precious, semi-precious, synthetic and rock.

Gemstones are also available in many different qualities. The most popular of these are the good quality semi-precious gemstones and the precious gemstones. The good quality gemstones are the most affordable and have a very good value.

The most common types are gemstones that come from crystalline rocks, like quartz, and gemstones that come from liquid-based rocks, like amethyst. And many of them are found in the earth’s crust. They can be found in various colors, including transparent, golden, blue, green, red, black and grey. Green gemstones are often used for healing purposes and purple gemstones are often used in spiritual practices.

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How to choose your right gemstone?

Preference on spirit

Gemstones have been used for thousands of years to carry messages and to express one’s passions and emotions. Gemstones are also used in healing and spiritual practices. Gemstones are a source of power, as they impart their energies to those who wear them. Some can provide protection and others can help with healing and spiritual pursuits.

For example, if you need a stone to balance your energy and emotions, consider carnelian. If you want a stone to help you to be calm and centered, consider agate. If you are looking for a stone to help you with your spiritual development, consider quartz.

Preference on color, shape and texture

In order to identify if a stone is what you want, you’ll want to think about its physical features, such as, color, shape and texture.

  • If you are looking for a stone that’s rough and has a lot of texture, then go for amethyst, network stone, malachite, botswana agate.
  • You can also go for a stone with a range of colors, like unakite, lapis lazuli, fluorite.
  • If you want a round stone, you’ll want to think about a carnelian. If you want an oval shaped stone, you’ll want to think about an agate. If you want a square shaped stone, you’ll want to think about a quartz.
  • If you like tumbled stone, blue apatite, aventurine, dragon blood stone are perfect choice for you.
  • If you are looking for a stone that is harder, like turquoise, on the contrary, nephrite type stones like Xiuyan jade.
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Gem texture related to their colors?

Gemstone texture and color are two of the most important factors that can make or break a gemstone. Crystal gemstones are usually cut, faceted, polished, or faceted to show off their beauty.

The texture is important to the entire appearance of the stone, naturally occurring gemstones, such as carnelian, agate, and quartz, are all different in terms of their texture and color, and each has a distinctive set of benefits. Some stones will have a harder texture, while others will have a smoother texture. Even if two types of gemstones are in similar color, their textures are not same. If you are looking for a gemstone with a smooth texture, then a gemstone such as amethyst is a good option. If you are looking for a gemstone with a harder texture, then a gemstone such as lapis lazuli is a good option.

Therefore, the texture of a gem has nothing to do with colors, and every piece of stone is unique and different from others.

How to care for your gemstone?

gemstone care
  • First, you should clean your stone before and after you handling it. It is important to do this to remove any dirt, dust, debris and oils that may have accumulated on it.
  • Besides, when you clean your gemstone, you can use a soft cloth and water. Clean it out first, then use a piece of cloth to dry it and store in cool dry places would be fine.
  • Kindly reminder: You’d better make it a habit to clean your stone regularly.


Natural crystal gemstones are great for any purpose. You can use these gemstones in your home decor to make any room feel magical and peaceful. We hope you have an amazing time using natural crystal gemstones in your next project, also, sharing with your friends and family on this lovely and abundant natural gems.